Library of the University of Palermo named after Calogero Massimo Cammalleri

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The library of the Department of Economics, Business and Statistics (SEAS) of the University of Palermo will be named after Professor Calogero Massimo Cammalleri, recently passed away at the age of 57, after a short illness.
The ceremony will take place on Wednesday 6 July, at 4.30 pm, in the “Vincenzo Li Donni” hall, in building 13 of Viale delle Scienze.
The unveiling of the plaque will be preceded by greetings from the rector, Massimo Midiri, and the director of the department, Angelo Mineo.
Following will be a reminder of colleagues Marcello Chiodi and Renato Lombardo.

Having entered the role of the University in 1994, Professor Cammalleri was a cassation lawyer, aggregate honorary judge (GOA) at the Agrigento civil court, judge in the Lombardy regional tax commission, national president of Conpass (National Coordination of Associate Professors) and author of several essays and monographs on labor and trade union law, also directing the magazines Temilavoro ed / Seas Working Papers.
For many years Cammalleri had chosen to devote himself full time to teaching and research.
He has always expressed his ideas about him with courage, firmness, irony, passion, always looking for new stimuli in his research activity.
He has always believed in the importance of dialogue, in the exchange of ideas, even divergent ones as long as they are open-minded, cultivating the doubt and the belief that comparison and diversity are a wealth to be shared with students and colleagues.

Lucidity, moral rigor, love for justice, proactive enthusiasm have always animated his many activities, making him appreciated by the whole academic community.


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