Libera Terra and Red Orange recall Beppe Montana with the products of legality

Celebrate the figure of the policeman Beppe Montana, killed by the mafia on 28 July 1985 and make it known to young people with the ransom derived from the creation of excellent products grown on land confiscated from the mafia. From these bases the Libera Terra project was born, which created a line of organic products that includes two varieties of IGP red orange jams, a IGP red orange juice and a bitter orange liqueur. History La Beppe Montana – Libera Terra Soc. Coop. Soc. Was formed in June 2010 with a public tender, following a memorandum of understanding promoted by the Prefectures of Catania and Syracuse.

The announcement provided for the selection of young people with different professional qualifications aimed at starting a training course from the subsequent constitution of a social cooperative under the current legislation on the assignment of assets confiscated from the mafia. Beppe Montana – Libera Terra is a social and agricultural work cooperative, therefore its purpose is to offer decent work opportunities to disadvantaged people.

Overall, the land managed by the cooperative covers an area of ​​about ninety hectares and is distributed in one of the most fertile areas of eastern Sicily which goes from the Etna area to the slopes of the Iblei Mountains, crossing the Plain of Catania.

“We thank Libera Terra – says the president of the Red Orange Consortium of Sicily Gerardo Diana – for having linked the ethical, social and anti-mafia commitment to the excellences of the territory such as Igp products, vehicle of the beauty and extraordinary nature of the Sicily that produces and looks come on”. Linking Igp products and Red Orange to a production line that recalls the figure of Beppe Montana makes us proud not only as a Consortium but I believe that all honest Sicilians should be proud. Montana, savagely slaughtered in 1985 in Palermo, had actively collaborated with the anti-mafia pool and with his colleague, also killed Ninni Cassarà, had scored the capture of important members of organized crime. Surely a man of the state who, with his commitment, has contributed to cutting the tentacles of the mafia octopus and it is necessary that the memory of him be perpetuated. The Libera Terra product line traces an important path because it combines Igp products, pride and symbol of the territory, with the spread of the culture of legality and the memory of the martyrs of the State. An added value that consumers must immediately recognize and reward ». Libera Terra «With Libera Terra products – says the managing director of Beppe Montana-Libera Terra, Alfio Curcio – we want to tell the traditions and beauty of the territories where we operate. Our cultivation and production choices therefore always put territorial vocations in the foreground. Consequently, in the Plain of Catania the choice to enhance, through our work on assets confiscated from the mafia, a product of extraordinary quality such as the PGI Red Orange was natural. A commitment that we carry out every day, also in memory of Beppe Montana ».

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