Letter of praise from a Nyssian patient to the health staff of the Basilotta hospital in Nicosia

We receive and publish the letter from a Nyssian patient who was admitted to the Basilotta hospital in Nicosia. A praise to the entire staff of the Nicosian hospital, for the humanity and professionalism shown.

Thanks in particular to the doctors and health workers of the new intensive care ward which in a few months has become a flower in the eye of the entire hospital, not only of the Nicosian hospital, but of the entire province and territory of which the Basilotta is a fundamental point of reference.

“Do to the other what you would like to be done to you, positive and proactive version of not doing to the other what you would not want to be done to you is the key not only to living in the name of good but, of the most elementary civil life , the simplest commandment to understand and, therefore, that to be put into practice only needs the will to do so … but times are confused and distracted by selfishness, by the small and useless arrogance of positions of power, by fear or even simply from indifference and, for this reason, the simplest exercise for the good of treating our neighbor not differently from how we would like to be treated becomes something that we not only forget to practice, but which even amazes us when we meet him in the gesture of someone we don’t even know, but who, seeing in us, others, himself, treats us like the best of our friends, no, like our mother … because existence in general is that of this upset time from the pandemic in particular, when we least expect it it transforms us into the other compared to people on whom we suddenly depend, to the point that the way in which they treat us can make the reality less hard in which we can be thrown without margins of practical organization and mental, let alone emotional, and that can mark us forever for better or for worse … I have found a place where all this must be kept in mind by the people who occupy it, people who are not paid more than their colleagues in all other principals, people who have not studied from books other than those used by those who have their same function and specialization, people who have families, responsibilities and probably anxieties and worries just like their colleagues everywhere else, people who feel tired just like their colleagues in other places, but who, despite everything that unites them to everyone else make their own profession, they differ in humanity, sensitivity and availability that complement their extreme competence and professionalism making them special but, above all, making special the sick who are entrusted to them and their families.

Not every battle can be won and sometimes, even when you win a battle, you lose the war with the disease, but also in the face of defeat, it is the way you fought that can make the difference by preventing it from turning into a defeat. Here, in this place I have found the certainty that everything is done to win battles and wars against disease, probably as in many, perhaps not all, similar places, but without forgetting, and this is what makes it a special place, that the sick person and his family are the other who, by religious or ethical commandment, by pietas, by a sense of humanity, or even simply by a sense of civility, must be treated no differently from oneself.

Thanks to the doctors and health workers of the Carlo Basilotta hospital in Nicosia and, above all, to those in the intensive care unit.

Renata Accardi “

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