“Let’s go back to the show”: protest operators in Palermo

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Actors, artists, singers, musicians and dancers. In the streets of Palermo one year after the start of the pandemic and the blockade of the sector, with most of the entertainment workers left without employment and with few refreshments. The protest, scheduled at 10 in Piazza Verdi, is organized by Slc Cgil Palermo, Fistel Cisl Palermo Trapani and Uilcom Palermo on the occasion of the national mobilization of the sector among the most in difficulty after “a year of lockdown”. The unions are asking the government to think of possible forms of reopening, in compliance with safety regulations, and of refreshments to alleviate the crisis in the sector.

“Let’s go back to the show”, is the request that gives the title to the event, put forward together with other claims: shock absorbers and supports until the end of the emergency, the safe reopening of places of culture, the safeguarding of production and employment, legislative reform of the entertainment industry, the stabilization of employment in opera-symphonic foundations and the renewal of national contacts and protocols of professionals and self-employed persons.

“These are all claims dictated by a long year of deep suffering, which has had very heavy consequences on employment and on the income of workers and their families – says the secretary general of Slc CGil Palermo, Marcello Cardella -. A year without live shows, the closure of theaters and cinemas has reduced the workers of this fundamental sector of the country to their limits. And there is no light at the end of the tunnel ”.

The social partners ask the government to provide for “a gradual reopening, obviously in compliance with the distancing and anti-Covid regulations”. To local institutions, “certain and adequate refreshments” for workers, and “a new form of social safety nets to support employment and professionalism”. “The pandemic has also highlighted all the contractual criticalities – concludes Consuelo Lupo, head of the artists and artists union of the Slc CGIL Palermo -, the presence of illegal work, the existing fragmentation in our category where dozens of figures with different contracts operate. And all the induced sufferings, all the technical and service workers who work with cinemas and theaters ”.