Leonforte, the council opposition responds to the majority on the “water problem”

Through a note, six Leonforte minority councilors respond to the statements of the majority councilors regarding the “water problem” addressed in the city council.

Leonforte’s council opposition for the record and the restoration of the truthfulness of the facts, responds to the erroneous and specious statements made by the majority in recent days“. Minority councilors say.

The minority municipal councilors (Leonforte, Ferragosto, Muratore, Barbera, La Ferrara and D’Accorso), considered that the Barbera administration in these two and a half years of administrative mandate, beyond the propaganda claims, has not addressed the vexatious problem of expensive bills and specifically, after having acknowledged that the municipal administration, in the person of the mayor, has disregarded the resolution of the municipal council n.23 of 03/29/2019 which gave him a mandate to send to the technical commission, established with its own decree from President Musumeci, a specific report highlighting the criticalities and non-fulfillment of the contract with AcquaEnna for the purpose of terminating the contract.

He disregarded the motion of 30/06/2019 on the integrated water service, on the correctness of bills and immediate suspension of previous matches, brought to the city council, discussed and voted favorably only and exclusively by the minority and the prime minister.

He disregarded the discussion in the CC of the point on “Expensive invoices issued by AcquaEnna”, inexplicably withdrawn by the majority group.

It has artfully allowed to deliberate, with an illegitimate act voted in the municipal council, the exit from the ATI with the pretext expedient of the exclusion of the Territorial Water Assembly from the municipal subsidiaries, in spite of the obligation established by law, under penalty of warning from the president of the Region with exercise of substitute power and costs to be borne by the defaulting local authority.

After the unsuccessful time spent precious and considered a priority and no longer postponable, the argument, for the umpteenth time, the council opposition brought to the municipal council of 16/02/21 the treatment and discussion of the item on the agenda “Problems water utilities and expensive tariffs… ”in order to duly address the issue, hoping to join forces in a necessary and shared battle of common interest.

It happens that the majority directors present in the council, with arrogance and presumption, present an amendment that considerably distorts the original document, proposed by the minority. We want to reiterate that we have clearly expressed a favorable opinion and openness to the integration of the text, but not to the pedantic method of imposition in wanting to suppress relevant parts of the initial document, effectively canceling its content.

One would have to ask why no initiative so far has started from the majority group on the question of expensive water. In these two and a half years, never public action, never concrete action“. The minority directors conclude

We consider it opportune to underline that despite the amendment being passed (purely for a matter of numbers), the minority municipal councilors remained responsibly in the classroom to allow the approval of the final deliberation, publicly declaring to espouse the battle of dear water and water publishes alongside and in support of citizens and in the interest of the whole community“.