Leonforte, assets confiscated from Ettore Forno, for an estimated value of 5 million euros – EnnaOra

by José Trova

Leonforte. The Antimafia Investigation Department of Caltanissetta has executed a confiscation decree issued by the Prevention Measures Section of the Court of Caltanissetta against Ettore Forno, 53, a Leonfortian businessman.

Today’s confiscation, which follows a seizure order carried out in 2019 on the proposal of the Director of the DIA, arises from the results of an investigation started
by the same DIA in 2010 which revealed the disproportion between the high standard of living and the substantial real estate assets owned by the entrepreneur compared to the low tax-declared income.

The evidential results resulting from the investigation were decisive for ascertaining the unlawful conduct carried out by Forno with reference, in particular, to the
crime of usury, also bringing out the dense network of complicity enjoyed in the Enna crime scene. For these facts in 2017 he was sentenced to the sentence in the first instance
of 3 years and 4 months of imprisonment.

The confiscation order, the total value of which is estimated at 5 million euros, involved the entire share capital and significant shares of company shares of no. 11
company and a sole proprietorship, including a renowned bar-restaurant located inside the “outlet” shopping center in Agira (EN) and companies operating in the sectors of extraction of
aggregates and the production of concrete, the construction of residential buildings, the trade of telephone equipment, the management of amusement arcades and catering, 17 real estate assets among which a luxurious villa with swimming pool in Nissoria (EN) and several important land economic value located in the commercial area of ​​Catania,
as well as numerous banking relationships and insurance policies.