Lentini drug supermarket with surveillance and barbed wire: two arrests

The Lentini police station officers arrested two men, aged 23 and 36, for the crime of possession with intent to distribute drugs. The police were attracted to a seemingly run-down house, but well defended by surveillance cameras and barbed wire: they carried out a search of the house, located in the Gruppilli district, which turned out to be a sort of drug dealing supermarket.

During the operation, which received important assistance from the police dog units, 400 grams of cocaine, 142 grams of marijuana, 7.75 grams of crack, two precision scales, various materials used for drug packaging, and 1,600 euros in cash, likely proceeds from drug dealing, were found and seized. Additionally, the sophisticated surveillance system, equipped with night vision goggles that allowed excellent control of the surrounding area, was dismantled: consumers would buy drugs at the house and receive them through a small window with iron grates. “This latest anti-drug operation – explains the police – deals a heavy blow to drug dealing in the Lentini area.” The two arrested individuals were taken to prison.

Lentini, il supermarket della droga aveva videosorveglianza e filo spinato: due arresti

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