Lego store gets bigger: the "kingdom" of the bricks moves to via Ruggero Settimo


The Lego store in Palermo gets bigger and moves to the city center to satisfy small and big fans of the now historic colored bricks.

The opening of the Lego store by Ruggero Settimo 46 is scheduled for Saturday, September 14, at 11am. For the occasion, children and adults can watch a special ribbon cut, all made of Lego bricks. The sales point is managed by the Percassi group, which plans to open others throughout the country over the next few years.

In the Palermo Lego store, over 200 square meters in the center, adults and children can enjoy a unique gaming experience, full of great news and exclusive surprises. There will even be 128 "Pick a Brick" bowls to buy loose bricks from a wide selection of available pieces. There will also be "Build a mini": everyone will be able to create, customize and buy their own minifigure, choosing every little detail of the Lego collectible character, from the hat to the color of the clothes.

The "digital" elements, such as the "Lego Minifigures Scanner", will amaze the lovers of bricks. Anyone will be able to discover their own alter ego in a minifigure version: just scan your own hand on the appropriate station and your Lego version will appear. With the "Digital box" it will be sufficient to take a Lego box, scan the barcode and the set will come to life, virtually animating itself on the screen! It will almost seem that you can touch it in all its details.

The 3D models are the representation that, with creativity, it is possible to build anything with Lego. Finally the very young and older children will find many tables waiting for them to play freely with Lego Duplo or the classic Lego System bricks. At the store surprises for all ages, including the video wall, to admire all the fantastic Lego videos.

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