Legionella in Palermo: checks in schools, Villa Niscemi towards reopening

Exterminated colonies of legionella threaten the city of Palermo? Maybe it’s a horror movie exaggeration, however what has been happening for a year now is that hotels, sports facilities, schools and representative offices have been knocked out by a bacterium that lurks in damp environments, in shower heads, in the pools. Any evidence of its presence is followed by closures, controls, checks, tests, disinfestations, people at home, prescriptions, interventions, works.

In short, a disaster. Although fortunately the health authorities specify that never, during the last year of passion, was there any abnormal presence of legionella in the city pipes. The problem manifested itself only inside the buildings subject to attention and verification. As if to say, that the Amap networks are in place and supervised and therefore there is no concern that the bacterium could reach the houses of the attentive ones brought from who knows where.

But in the midst of so much bad news, finally there is one that offers a torch of hope. Villa Niscemi, which has been closed for almost a year, will probably be able to reopen and fill its offices before Christmas. In fact, they let the Municipality know that the Asp has sent its latest report in which from the 23 sampling points carried out, it appears that there are anomalous concentrations of legionella only in a room adjacent to the so-called flag room. And that it will surely have to be banned. In any case, it took a full twelve months to be able to overcome the problem during which the eighteenth-century villa remained essentially empty. From today the workers of the Reset will begin the cleaning operations inside the large rooms that were abandoned overnight after the news of one of the staff hospitalized where the tests have ascertained the origin of his respiratory problems. It will now be necessary to see if the security manager will agree to reopen the old aristocratic country house to employees.

The latest news in chronological order is that concerning the hotel institutes Borsellino in piazza Bellissima and Cascino in via Fattori. The institutes were closed in self-protection and the children sent home. On this point, in fact, it is good to clarify. The ASP intervenes autonomously to carry out checks only when there is a case of legionellosis ascertained by the health authorities. It happened, for example, for the representative office of the Municipality at Villa Niscemi or at the Politeama hotel. In other cases, let’s say, on call. In fact, they are the managers of the structures who autonomously carry out the checks and arrange for any closures. In fact, if anything, the ASP provides indications and prescriptions to be followed in order to get to grips with the situation. Unfortunately with long times. For example, some laboratory tests take at least 11 days to process, a technical time that cannot be compressed. In any case, the responsibility for reopening the places to use lies with the employers who essentially assume responsibility for it.

It had also happened to the municipal swimming pool to run into the bacterium that can colonize the pulmonary tracts with very serious effects on health. Some disinfestation sessions had to be carried out, removing the users for a few days, to close the incident which, however, reappeared shortly after and was fought again. Although it is good to say that legionella is always present in the wet areas of homes and offices. But if its concentration is below a certain threshold, it doesn’t cause health problems.

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