Legality, scholarships from the Municipality of Chivasso for an educational trip to 4 schools in Palermo

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An anti-mafia tour in Sicily, in the symbolic places of the fight against the Cosa Nostra.
It is the educational trip for which next Wednesday 33 students and 5 teachers will leave Chivasso thanks to scholarships, financed with the civil action of the Municipality to the trials against the ‘Ndrangheta “Minotauro” and “Colpo di Coda”, that the municipal administration has granted to the “Isaac Newton” High School, the “Europa Unita” Higher Education Institute, the “Demetrio Cosola” and “Alessandro Dasso” Comprehensive Institutes.
The four educational institutions are among the subjects that signed, in 2017, the new memorandum of understanding for the creation of the Free University of Law.

Before leaving for Palermo, the students and teachers involved were received at Palazzo Santa Chiara by the mayor Claudio Castello and by the councilor for Legality Tiziana Siragusa.
Among others, the president of the Free University of Legality Beppe Busso was also present.

The tour, called “Beauty is Commitment”, will take Chivassese students to the places of the 1992 massacres, in Capaci and in via D’Amelio, where two bomb attacks killed the judges Giovanni Falcone, Francesca Morvillo, Paolo Borsellino and the escort agents .
A visit is also planned to Cinisi, the town of 100 steps that separated the home of the boss Gaetano Badalamenti from the leftist activist Peppino Impastato, whose murder by the mafia in 1978 was at the center of a sensational misdirection.
There will also be space for the characteristic excursions of Palermo, from Monte Pellegrino to the Quattro Canti, and to learn about the assets confiscated from the mafia and the commercial network that adheres to Addio Pizzo against the extortion racket.

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