Left under house arrest for Covid, the right arm of the Pagliarelli boss ends up in the cell

He was supposed to end up in prison more than a month ago, but when the carabinieri showed up at his house to notify him of the arrest linked to the“Brevis” operation – the one with which the boss of Pagliarelli Giuseppe Calvaruso was blocked on Easter day on his return from Brazil – Giovanni Caruso was positive for Covid and so he remained under house arrest. Now, however, in addition to being negativized, he would also have violated the rules and communicated with unauthorized people while he was imprisoned in the house and for this he was taken to a cell in Pagliarelli.

The deputy prosecutor Salvatore De Luca and the substitutes Federica La Chioma and Dario Scaletta, who coordinate the investigation, requested and obtained an aggravation of the precautionary measure for Caruso who, according to their reconstruction, would be the right arm of Calvaruso, the man to whom he would have delegated the management of the district right after his transfer to Brazil.

Calvaruso, defended by the lawyer Michele Giovinco, had denied the allegations during the guarantee questioning, explaining that he is “just an entrepreneur trying to work”. He had not denied the acquaintance with some affiliates of Cosa Nostra, such as the old manager Settimo Mineo, arrested in December 2018 with the maxiblitz “Dome 2.0” and of which he would be the heir, but he had explained that many of them were childhood friends or people he had met in prison.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the boss would have fictitiously registered the “Edil Professional”, a construction company with which works were also carried out. in the sales points of well-known brands. But Calvaruso was also the secret manager of the “Carlo V” restaurant in piazza Bologni, where the carabinieri had also documented a lunch of Mineo and his wife.

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