League in Palermo, Elisabetta Luparello deputy city commissioner

Elisabetta Luparello will be the deputy in Palermo of the city commissioner, Alessandro Anello. Deputy head of the Palermo colleges in the metropolitan area, this is how the regional secretary Nino Minardo established as part of the consolidation of the structure that is operating throughout the island. 28 years old, provincial manager of the youth league for 2 years, an ardent supporter of Matteo Salvini.

“I will be happy to make a contribution to this city, devastated by the Orlando experience, and I especially want to improve the conditions of young people and families. Thanks to the Hon. Nino Minardo for having placed his trust in me. A special thanks to Igor Gelarda, who has been Salvini’s point of reference in Palermo since the beginning, and still is, for the energy and love he places every day for his city, for me a model of good and young politics. Palermo needs it ”.

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