Le Vie dei Tesori Foundation together with 42 Sicilian municipalities for “Borghi in Festival”

Leading the Municipality of Sambuca di Sicilia, with the Le Vie dei Tesori Foundation, 42 small Sicilian municipalities participated in the MiBaCT “Borghi in Festival” call for proposals, proposing their candidacy with a project that aims at the realization of the six weekends between 29 May and 5 July with around 210 open places, 70 side experiences and the involvement of 500 young people from the area, adequately trained.

The Le Vie dei Tesori Foundation conducted, with the collaboration of the participating municipalities, a first census of the heritage between castles,villages of treasures abbeys, churches, abandoned mines, jewel museums, convents, astronomical observatories, rock sites, caves, quarries and lighthouses, as well as intangible treasures: ancient wisdom kept by the latest artisans, traditional recipes, traditions.

“We were thinking of setting up a network of about ten municipalities to participate in the MiBaCT call for proposals, starting from the villages that have long been asking us to participate in the traditional festival of September-October – says Laura Anello, president of the Le Vie dei Tesori Foundation – and we are find yourself with an extraordinary network that embraces all of Sicily. All to recognize themselves in a project that sees in the heritage the lever of growth of the communities, which is the mission of our organization “.

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