Le Vie dei Tesori: 250,000 attendees and over 7 million euro impact

With over 250,000 visitors and an economic impact of over 7 million euros, Le Vie dei Tesori continues to achieve record numbers and is paving the way for a partnership with the City of Palermo. The event has proven to be a significant economic and tourist driver, with nearly 70,000 tourists visiting the major cities involved, resulting in a 13% increase compared to the previous edition. The president of the foundation, Laura Anello, expressed joy at the results, highlighting the economic impact generated. At the Bte (Extra-hotel Tourism Exchange) in Palermo, the foundation presented the final report for the 2023 edition, revealing that the average daily spending per tourist has increased by 10% to 120 euros. The event has also sparked a self-organized mobility tourism trend, with 30% of visitors exploring different locations, and almost 80% stating that the event was a decisive factor in their choice of timing. The city of Palermo has seen a financial impact of around 1.5 million euros. The age groups most involved were between 18-35 and 50-70, showcasing the widespread appeal of the event. The City of Palermo is looking for ways to collaborate further with Le Vie dei Tesori, with plans to involve the foundation in various projects to continue the positive impact on the city’s landmarks and communities. The partnership aims to create a healthy and fruitful relationship between the public and private sectors. This is a positive step forward in the ongoing success of Le Vie dei Tesori and its impact on the city of Palermo.

Le Vie dei Tesori tira le somme: 250 mila presenze e un indotto di oltre 7 milioni di euro

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