Lawyer Francesco Castellana’s car set on fire: suspected arson

Fear and fire in the night in Gela. An Audi parked in via Recanati caught fire: it belonged to lawyer Francesco Castellana, who has been involved in local politics with the Five Star Movement. Recently, in preparation for the upcoming June municipal elections, Castellana announced his candidacy for the city council.

When the alarm was raised on via Recanati, the fire department arrived to extinguish the flames, but the car was already completely engulfed and the damages were substantial. Preliminary investigations suggest arson as the cause, but the carabinieri have begun an investigation to determine the exact reasons.

The civic movements in Gela supporting Castellana, Civico Lab and Una buona idea, have expressed their solidarity: “No criminal act, of any kind, will ever find justification, whether it is against a professional involved in politics or against a worker, an employee, or a homemaker. This city is in a crisis of values, there is a constant search for legality in all its forms, led by those who have chosen to give their lives a direction towards what is right, but there are still those who, disregarding the principle of a healthy community, threaten the serenity of our citizens. We express our utmost support to our friend Francesco Castellana and his family.”

Gela, a fuoco l’auto dell’avvocato Francesco Castellana: ipotesi di incendio doloso

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