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Messina, 7 May 2021 – The “Refunds” operation carried out by the three consumer associations, Federconsumatori, Arco Consumatori and Konsumer Messina, continues, in synergy with Cittadinanzattiva Sicilia Aps “Autostrade Sicure”, aimed at obtaining CAS users A18 and A20 , through legal action, part of the motorway tolls referring to the last 10 years. The three associations, in synergy with Cittadinanzattiva, have received the protest of the users, highlighted the enormous inconveniences, with endless queues and given the precarious and dangerous conditions of the two motorway sections, they believe in fact due to a reduction in the toll following the lack of service offered by the CAS, as a result of the lack of maintenance for which the Consortium has been responsible over the years. Requests can be sent to the three representatives the lawyer. Fulvio Capria of Federconsumatori Messina, the lawyer. Angela Maria Sciglio of Arco Consumatori Taormina and Dr. Linda Paparone of Konsumer Messina.

The lawyer Capria illustrated the initiative, which started from afar with the two complaints presented to the Messina Public Prosecutor’s Office, the last of which dates back to September 2020: “Our job is to protect consumers. The requests for reimbursement of motorway tolls that will be activated in court, are inspired by rulings in favor of consumers, the last of which is the recent fine of 5 million euros imposed by the Antitrust on the Autostrade per l’Italia concessionaire following the failure to reduce of the toll, due to the precarious conditions of the motorway sections managed by the aforementioned company“. The lawyer Sciglio highlighted the inadequacy, dangerousness and non-compliance with safety regulations of the motorways managed by the CAS, as confirmed by the annual reports of the General Directorate for the Supervision of Motorway Concessionaires: “We hope that the judiciary can give support and justice. It is a situation that affects everyone. In remembering that life is a precious gift that must be protected, the lack of safety in traveling along the motorways managed by the CAS gives rise to the right of users to request a refund of the toll“. Dr. Paparone highlighted that “The refund request is a form of protest aimed at resolving the security emergency“.

Given the countless inconveniences and accidents, Domenico Interdonato of Cittadinanzattiva advocated the suspension or reduction of the toll, the safety of the sections in question and the withdrawal of the concession to the CAS: “Sicily and the Sicilians have suffered a very serious damage to their image, it is necessary to start again from infrastructures with targeted and rational investments. From the national deputation and from the Minister of Infrastructure Enrico Giovannini we demand no more catwalks, no more declarations, buti especially after the inspection by Eng. Placido Migliorino who with his inspection has sanctioned the danger of the two sections “.

For information regarding the refund request, please contact: avv. Fulvio Capria, tel. 3792147079; – lawyer Angela Maria Sciglio, tel. 3881986633 – Dr. Linda Paparone, tel. 3339953588

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