Laudamo Philharmonic, Antonino Cicero is the new artistic director

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Antonino Cicero is the new artistic director of the Laudamo Philharmonic, appointed last July 25 by the Board of Directors.
Born in 1982, young, enthusiastic, dynamic and with good experiences in musical organization, Antonino Cicero is a well-rounded musician.
Classically trained, today he frequents all repertoires making the bassoon, his instrument, also a protagonist in the field of jazz and contemporary music where several composers, on his commission, are creating a new instrumental repertoire.
Orchestra professor, soloist and appreciated chamber musician, he is instrumental teacher in middle schools with a musical focus.
He takes over from Luciano Troja who, after having dedicated almost 10 years to the Laudamo Philharmonic, last December decided to return full time to his musical projects, while remaining on the Association’s Board of Directors.
Meanwhile, the post had been held for a few months by Giuseppe Ministeri.
To Antonino Cicero, who represents change in the name of continuity, congratulations and best wishes for his work from all the Laudamo Philharmonic.

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