Large fire on the outskirts of Marsala: houses and pine forest at risk

A vast fire has broken out in the area of the Sossio riverbed, on the outskirts of Marsala. The strong sirocco wind has quickly fueled the flames that have engulfed the two slopes of the hillside, especially in the Ciancio area, where the fire is now threatening a pine forest and some villas located just a few meters away. The alarm was raised by the residents themselves: the smoke has spread over a very wide area that is not easy for rescuers to reach.

The firefighters have arrived with several vehicles, firefighting operations have been initiated, but the wind is making the intervention complex. Meanwhile, the situation is being monitored to prevent the worst and the spread of the fire to the pine forest and houses: some residents have moved away as a precaution. In recent days, in view of the sirocco wind that would have whipped Sicily, the Civil Protection issued a wildfire pre-alert in the Province of Trapani.

Fires have also occurred in the past hours in the Palermo area. The firefighters have been busy on several fronts. The flames have erupted in Belmonte Mezzagno, on provincial road 38, in Giardinello on provincial road 1, in Misilmeri, in the Cavallaro district, and in Gibilrossa, in Partinico on Region Avenue and in the Milioto district, in Altofonte in the Rebuttone district, in Termini Imerese in the industrial area. The wind blowing in the province is making it difficult for firefighters to intervene as the flames spread very quickly.

Vasto incendio alla periferia di Marsala: villette e pineta a rischio

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