Landslides, interventions worth 2.5 million euros in Castel di Lucio

There are two interventions financed for about 2.5 million euros by the Structure for the fight against hydrogeological instability headed by the president of the Sicilian Region, Renato Schifani, to restore the full and safe usability of the inhabited center in Castel di Lucio, in the Messina area . The offices managed by Maurizio Croce have carried out all the procedures necessary for the rapid opening of the construction sites.
«In this way we respond – comments President Schifani – to a priority need such as that of public safety, closely connected to the defense of the most exposed and most vulnerable urban centres. The adoption of important financial resources and a rigorous planning activity are, in this sense, decisive elements».
The first intervention concerns the consolidation works and the reduction of the hydrogeological risk in the area upstream and downstream of via Salvo D’Acquisto. Medi Appalti srl of Sant’Agata Li Battiati won them, on the basis of a reduction of 30.9 percent and for an amount slightly higher than 900 thousand euros. This is the north-western part of the town, which has an R4 classification, of very high risk, and which extends as far as the ring road, in an area where the town hall, the “Tommaso Aversa” middle school and various businesses are located commercial. This is the inhabited center of the Nebroid Municipality, dominated by a rocky ridge with an average height of fifteen metres, and it is here that from 2010 onwards various instability phenomena have been recorded which have caused significant damage to the road system and various infrastructures. The technical solutions contained in the project envisage, on this side, the placement of a bulkhead with tie rods of poles arranged in a line to block the downward sliding of stone boulders, the covering of the above-ground portion with local stone, the surface runoff by draining the entire area.
The other intervention involves the area between via Durante and via Santa Lucia, the scene of various landslides in recent years, aggravated by the bad weather in the spring of 2015 and which caused damage to the water and sewage networks and to various homes with consequent eviction orders. without considering the lesions in the road arteries that have forced a partial closure to transit and detours to other routes. Sicani Consolidamenti srl of San Giovanni Gemini (Ag) will carry it out, by virtue of a reduction of 30.8 percent and for an amount of over one million and 600 thousand euros. In this case, comb-like drainage trenches will be built distributed in the upper part of the slope and five meters deep and bulkheads of reinforced concrete piles, of variable length and connected at the head by a rectangular section curb. In a second phase, we will proceed with the consolidation of the foundations of the damaged buildings using a combined system of expanding resin and steel micropiles and with the regulation of rainwater, with special road drains for the collection of white water. Finally, the roadway will be restored.

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