Landslides and landslides, bad weather affects the roads in Palermo: the roads are closed

Bad weather has also caused many inconveniences on the roads in Palermo , especially on the Madonie. Anas yesterday ordered the closure of a section. of the State Road 120 km 10 + 750 between c.da Portella and c.da Malluta (Cerda / Caltavuturo) due to roadway subsidence.

Still closed, due to a landslide, the state road 113 “Nord Sicula”, closed to traffic, in both directions, between km 177, 800 and 180, 250, in Pollina. Traffic, reports Anas, is temporarily diverted along the A motorway 20

And on the Madonie it also continues to snow. To ensure the practicability of the roads affected by snowfall, on the Madonita area, from the early hours of this morning, vehicles of the Civil Protection and of the Traffic Directorate of the Metropolitan City of Palermo entered into operation, structures to which the Mayor of the Metropolitan City, Leoluca Orlando, confirmed “appreciation for the constant commitment”.

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