Landslide in Belmonte, project approved but the road has been closed for a year

More than a year has passed since the collapse of the landslide on the road that connects Belmonte Mezzagno to Palermo and the road network is still interrupted. “The metropolitan mayor Roberto Lagalla signed the decree approving the 6 million euro project to carry out the works – says the mayor Maurizio Milone – The engineer Claudio Tascone, technical officer of the Metropolitan City of Palermo, is the sole responsible for the procedure for the definitive project of the geomorphological risk mitigation interventions for the section of the SP 37 «di Gibilrossa». The process to start the works is still long and the inconvenience for the residents of Belmonte Mezzagno will continue. “Now the project will be sent to the civil protection manager Maurizio Croce, the implementing body, – adds the mayor – for the completion of the procedures relating to the implementation of hydrogeological risk mitigation interventions, for the identification of sources of financing, which he will send it to the regional government, for the allocation of the necessary sums, for the realization of the work».

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