Landslide between Belmonte and Ciaculli, the still closed road becomes a “cemetery” for stolen cars

About ten months have passed since, due to a rock fall, a consequence of bad weather, it has been provincial road 37 closed. An important artery that connects Palermo from Ciaculli, Gibilrossa to Belmonte Mezzagno, Misilmeri, Santa Cristina Gela and other small neighboring municipalities.

The road, after the intervention of the firefighters and civil protection was closed but since then there has been no intervention to secure the section that has become an authentic landmark of car thieves.

Along the way, in fact, there are parts of cars, “cannibalized” and left in the middle of the roadway on which obviously no means are circulating anymore. The closure of the section has created, among other things, enormous difficulties for commuter workers and students of Belmonte Mezzagno who must necessarily take alternative routes to get to and return to Palermo.

About a week after the landslide that affected the provincial road, the citizens of Belmonte Mezzagno took to the streets to protest in front of the entrance of the Municipality of Palermo giving rise to a city assembly, called “Let’s face the Common”, called by the citizen coordinator of the Democratic Party, Maurizio Milone, now mayor, to which various political parties have joined, as well as regional and national deputies. “Practically we are cut off from the world – Milone explained on that occasion -. Belmonte is on his knees. This massive hydrogeological instability requires interventions on the entire area with substantial investments of financial resources “.

On 5 November a meeting was convened in the prefecture of Palermo, in which the tunnel affected by the collapse of a portion of the rock wall that damaged the structure was discussed. From the meeting they emerged two guidelines: the first intervention to concern the verification of the stability of the rocky ridge with consequent design and safety, removal of the boulders lying on the tunnel structure, and then the verification of the stability of the latter with structural restoration. The second action for the strengthening and development of alternative roads pending the restoration of the SP37.

The odyssey seems to have no end – said the first mayor Milone -. The anticipated resignation by the president of the Sicilian Region, overwhelmingly, hit our hopes, nurtured in recent months, for an acceleration of the times for the reopening of the road. The consequence is that the moment of reactivation is lengthened, with all the inevitable inconveniences for the citizens of Belmontese, Gibilrossa and Ciaculli, who need to travel along the road, they will have to suffer. The municipal administration of Belmonte Mezzagno, expresses opposition and regret for the complications that have arisen and indicates a public assembly for Tuesday 30 August, at 6 pm, in Piazza Garibaldi “.

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