Landing of migrants in Spain? The Open Arms: "Make available the means for landing in a safe harbor"


The situation for the 107 migrants on board the Open Arms ship seems to be moving, after 18 days of clashes and stalls.

If yesterday the Spanish government had offered its own port for the landing – deemed too far from the crew – now the negotiations have made it possible to identify the port of Mallorca as a point of arrival.

A choice however considered "incomprehensible" by the NGO that the agency Handle wanted to highlight the contradictory nature of the provision. "With our boat 800 meters from the coast of Lampedusa, the European states are asking a small NGO like ours to deal with 590 miles and 3 days of navigation, in adverse weather conditions, with 107 people exhausted on board and 19 very experienced volunteers and volunteers who have been trying for more than 24 days to guarantee the rights that Europe denies ”.

The Open Arms therefore appeals to Spain and Italy to "guarantee, by making available all the necessary means, that these people will finally land in a safe harbor". A real opening, in essence, to the hypothesis that the two Governments can guarantee a safe passage to the Spanish coasts.

Meanwhile, Francesco Cascio, a former member of the ARS and now a doctor on duty at the Lampedusa health center, once again takes the floor. Speaking to the Adnkronos agency, he said he was "happy that there is no hygienic-sanitary emergency on board the Open Arms ship, as would emerge from the health inspection report, after all – he adds – we did not have a point, even though we were attacked from several parts ”.

The same Cascio, however, concludes: "Three weeks at sea are too many, now they should get off the ship".

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