Landfill still closed, municipalities on their knees in Messina

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Once again the municipalities are hostage to landfills.
A closing communication is enough and everything jumps.
Other than a commitment to increase the differentiated or to try to keep their territories clean.
A barred gate is enough to disrupt a service, that of urban hygiene, which should be the absolute priority of all municipalities.
And instead, exploiting the weakness of those who should not only decide but act promptly, as, in these cases, the regional government, we continue to suffer the blackmail of landfills that today should no longer have any reason to exist to make room for those alternatives which are called waste-to-energy plants or other and which represent the new solution to definitively exit the waste emergency.
As happens in almost all the Northern regions which, in addition to having no problems in the waste service, are able to reduce costs for citizens.
From our latitudes, however, there are those who continue to oppose these systems, not providing alternative solutions or when some proposal arrives, it seems impractical.
And so there are those in this jumble, of course, are happy to open the door of the landfill and close it when they see fit.
With the result that when Catania closes, a part of Sicily, even tourist areas go haywire, and when, as has been happening for about a week, the Trapani plant stops, the problems are for those Municipalities assigned by the Region on that site.
And, in our part of Italy, here is the emergency in Barcelona and, until now, Milazzo is a little more contained, which however risks, if this situation persists, of falling into the same situation.

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