Lampedusa: Over 3,500 migrants in hotspot

There are currently 3,593 migrants in the Lampedusa hotspot, including 193 unaccompanied minors. Yesterday, there were 7 landings on the island, totaling 325 people. A total of 947 have been transferred from the island using ferries and military flights, with the Agrigento prefecture working to plan further transfers today, including two flights carrying a total of 140 migrants. In the Porto Empedocle port area, there are 818 migrants, with only 11 remaining from the 109 people hosted there yesterday morning. Additionally, 568 arrived in the evening from Lampedusa on the Galaxy ferry, and 239 arrived in the early morning on the Cossyra motorboat. Many still need to be pre-identified and photographed, so transfers may not occur in the morning. The government office is working to find the necessary buses to transport everyone throughout the peninsula. The president of the Italian Red Cross commented that managing the Lampedusa hotspot has been a complex challenge, but reiterated their commitment to providing humanitarian aid and emphasized the need for a well-functioning system involving security, integration, flow management, combating human trafficking, and international cooperation. They stressed the importance of respecting the dignity of those arriving and investing in a human-centered approach to migration policies. They expressed hope that Italy, as well as the European and international communities, can effectively respond to the situation without succumbing to chaos.

Lampedusa, più di 3.500 migranti all’hotspot

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