Lampedusa: New wave of boat arrivals from Tunisia, two missing feared

Two migrants fell into the water and are missing, according to some of the 67 Somalis, Gambians, and Ivorians aboard the boat that set off from Sfax in Tunisia. The group landed in Lampedusa after being rescued by the coast guard. Another boat carrying 48 Ethiopians and Sudanese was also rescued. The coast guard has started searches for the missing migrants. Meanwhile, more boats with migrants from various countries continue to arrive. Authorities have also arrested a 40-year-old Egyptian man for aiding illegal immigration and tied to a previous rescue operation. He had already arrived in Italy a month prior but allegedly returned to Libya and set off again with a new group of migrants. He has been placed in a detention center in Ragusa.

Lampedusa, nuova ondata di arrivi di barchini partiti dalla Tunisia: si temono due dispersi

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