Lampedusa, Filca Cisl and Parliament open Embassy of Culture of Welcome

The initiative promoted by Filca Cisl Sicilia, in collaboration with the National Parliament for Legality, aims to promote a culture of welcome and integration in a symbolic place like Lampedusa, where many desperate people arrive in search of a better future, risking their lives. The initiative involves the establishment of the Embassy of the Culture of Welcome within the Filca headquarters in Lampedusa. This initiative was inaugurated with the aim of emphasizing and amplifying efforts to make construction and the world of work more humane. The organization stresses the importance of legality and integration, especially in relation to migrant workers. By opening the Embassy of the Culture of Welcome, the organization hopes to reach out to those seeking refuge in a foreign land and emphasize the importance of human life. The initiative is seen as a concrete testimony to the organization’s commitment to putting people at the center and providing support and solidarity to the most vulnerable. Additionally, the organization’s efforts to promote legality in the workplace are highlighted, with a focus on migrant workers and initiatives aimed at providing information in 32 different languages on labor contracts in various EU countries.

Lampedusa, Filca Cisl e Parlamento della legalità aprono l’Ambasciata della Cultura dell’accoglienza

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