Lampedusa: After shipwreck, 576 migrants rescued in a major landing

A fishing boat carrying 576 migrants docked at the commercial pier of Lampedusa yesterday evening (November 21) after a shipwreck in the afternoon resulted in eight people missing and the death of a child. The migrants, who originated from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Morocco, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, were rescued by coast guard and finance guard boats. Another 43 migrants from Gambia, Guinea, Malaysia, and Senegal also arrived in Lampedusa yesterday. In total, there were 12 landings with a total of 1,087 people, including a boat that sank near the coast, resulting in 45 survivors and eight missing individuals.

Lampedusa, subito dopo il naufragio un maxi sbarco: soccorsi su un peschereccio 576 migranti

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