Lampedusa: 43 migrants rescued from a 7-meter iron boat

Forty-three migrants, including three women and two minors, were rescued by the military on the Cp324 Coast Guard patrol boat while they were at sea off the coast of Lampedusa on a 7-meter iron boat. The group was transferred and the boat, which had departed from Sfax in Tunisia, was left adrift. The 43 migrants reported having paid one thousand Tunisian dinars for the crossing and said they were originally from Gambia, Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Senegal, and Mauritania, and had set out on their journey at 11 pm on Thursday. The sea conditions are prohibitive due to the scirocco wind, and the Coast Guard and Finance Guard patrol the coastlines and waters around the Pelagie Islands. The 43 migrants were taken to the Imbriacola hotspot where there were already as many guests who had arrived in recent days.

Lampedusa, soccorsi 43 migranti su un barchino di ferro di 7 metri

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