Lagalla I’ll start with the economic situation of the municipality

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“In view of the regional elections, I trust that a virtuous and unitary synthesis can be found in the center-right”


PALERMO – “We must certainly begin with the reorganization of the dramatic economic situation of the municipality of Palermo.
The rebalancing plan with the state is currently in a stalemate.
It must be verified by restarting a relationship with the national government and I imagine I can do it immediately after my inauguration “.
This was declared by the new mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla at Tgr Rai Sicily.
“Clarifying the accounts – he added – is a necessary and indispensable preparatory act to then move on to all the other emergencies but also to planning and scheduling extra-municipal funds starting from the Pnrr”.

“I have already included the observatory in my program together with other anti-mafia initiatives and will help and integrate the measures already envisaged in the field of anti-corruption – continued Lagalla, speaking of the legal initiatives to fight corruption and the mafia -, but it will be an observatory which, in addition to the opinion on sensitive matters for the purposes of corruption, will also present proposals and ideas on the constant anti-mafia surveillance by the municipal administration “.

“In view of the regional elections, I trust and hope that an equally virtuous and unitary synthesis can be found in the center-right as the one we reached in Palermo – continued Lagalla -, starting from a proposal born with civic traction”.

“I believe that within a few days, the first of next week, my proclamation can be defined, but we do not have a definitive date – continues the new mayor -.
It depends on the procedures underway to verify the results and on the proclamation by the Court of Appeal of Palermo ”.

“I think Orlando deserves some credit.
We spoke yesterday and he recommended two elements that in my opinion are absolutely to be saved with respect to his experience: a profound international imprint and great tolerance, respect for rights and the maintenance of the guard on policies against the mafia.
Then it is a question of turning the page on the functioning of the city – he continued – which probably due to a moment of stalemate in the municipal administration and a political direction that is not always coherent and effective shows particular gaps both in terms of the quality of services and the satisfaction of citizens.
We must work for a greater concrete and daily livability of our city “.

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