Lack of lands for fund fraud, two complaints and asset seizure in Messina

The Financial Police of Messina, at the end of a complex investigation coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Patti, has reported two people for fraud, accused of wrongfully receiving European Union contributions totaling over 350 thousand euros. Additionally, they have executed a precautionary seizure order on assets and cash totaling 170 thousand euros.The fraud was committed by the owner of an agricultural company, who falsely claimed to possess agricultural plots of land that had been initially transferred by the Ismea (Institute of Services for the Agricultural Food Market) to a relative of his under a reserved ownership contract. These properties were then unlawfully included in the entrepreneur’s single payment application by simulating a loan contract. As a result, the authorities have seized the money and immovable assets.

Terreni inesistenti per intascare i fondi Agea, due denunce e sequestro beni nel Messinese

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