Lack of human resources in the Licata and Canicattì hospitals, the regional health commission arrives

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 12:40

Share The Ars Health Commission will stop tomorrow in the Licata hospitals in Canicattì to verify the numerous critical issues that have emerged in recent months and repeatedly denounced not only by politicians but also by trade unions. “Tomorrow will not be, for the approach that I personally want to give, a session dedicated to pointing out the many critical issues that grip our hospitals – comments the vice president of the commission Carmelo Pullara -, but on the contrary it will be, and in this I hope to be followed by colleagues of the commission, aimed at actually knowing what development plans are planned for the two hospitals. Taking into account that, for both the Canicattì and Licata hospitals, the hospital network, for which I participated in the approval phase, has provided for the implementation of new operating units, including: ophthalmology, urology, ENT and orthopedics, it is more than ever necessary to aim the eye obviously to maintain, and if anything improve, what is already there to make it more effective and efficient, I refer to ready rescue, to the departments of medicine, cardiology, maternity, pediatrics, orthopedics and surgery “.

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