Lack of human and structural resources at the Asp of Agrigento, the Cisl FP audits in the Ars Health Commission

On November 10th, in the “Pompeiana” room of the Sicilian Regional Assembly, a session of the VI Health Commission was held dedicated to the lack of staff in the hospitals of Agrigento.

In recent weeks, the Cisl Public Function of the provinces of Agrigento, Caltanissetta and Enna had asked for this important moment of confrontation. Present at the hearing were the general manager of the regional department for strategic planning, Mario La Rocca, the general manager of the department for epidemiological activities and observatory Francesco Bevere, the commission chairman Margherita La Rocca Ruvolo, the vice president Carmelo Pullara, the special commissioner of the Asp Mario Zappia, the general secretary of the Cisl FP Salvatore Parello and the company secretary Alessandro Farruggia. It was the trade union that presented to the Commission a rich and in-depth report on the critical issues repeatedly denounced in recent months, including serious shortcomings on the staffing and structural equipment, in particular in all emergency and urgent operational units where the staff barely manages to guarantee minimum services. “To date – Parello and Farruggia explained – there is a lack of PPE and essential safeguards to ensure hygiene and safety for patients and workers. But not only that: the problems are also of a structural and infrastructural type, see for example the sanitation tunnels for emergency vehicles and the San Giovanni di Dio 118 operators that never came into operation “. At the end of the hearing, the union expressed “satisfaction with the commitments undertaken by both the Commission and the manager of the regional department for strategic planning with respect to the possibility of following up on an extraordinary action for the recruitment of a significant number of Oss personnel and guarantee the renewal of fixed-term contracts expiring on 31 December “. Furthermore, the union recognizes the work carried out to date by Commissioner Zappia in a situation of serious lack of available resources and appreciates the commitment made in the committee session to initiate an immediate recognition of the possibility of sharing the competition rankings for an indefinite period. for all those health, administrative and technical personnel who meet the requirements set out in the council circular n ° 3832572020, which gives specific indications regarding the sharing of valid and effective rankings to companies and health service bodies, given that Article 3 paragraph 61 of law 350/2003 has extended to all public administrations upon agreement between them and in respect of vacant positions and foreseen in the organic plan.

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