La Via resigns as General Director of the University of Catania: “I’m returning to being a professor”

Giovanni La Via, former general director of the University of Catania, has resigned from his position. He will be “a free man” starting from November 30th and plans to return to being a university professor. There are speculations about his potential return to politics, possibly for the upcoming European elections, but he has not confirmed anything. La Via has had a long political career, serving as a regional councilor and European parliamentarian, as well as the former president of the Environmental Commission. After an unsuccessful candidacy for the European elections in 2019, he was appointed as the general director of UniCt for the period 2020-2022. His appointment was renewed until 2025 by the board of directors in October 2022. Since 2001, La Via has been a professor of Economics and Rural Appraisal at the department of Agriculture, Food, and Environment at the University of Catania.

La Via si dimette da direttore generale dell’Università di Catania: “Torno a fare il professore”

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