La Scala dei Turchi transferred to Realmonte Municipality: resolution of dispute celebrated with commemorative plaque

“The Scala dei Turchi, a renowned coastal cliff, has been the center of a legal dispute over ownership for years. However, a new era has begun with the generous donation of the land by the Sciabarrà family. Recently, the majority owner of the cliff, Ferdinando Sciabarrà, officially transferred ownership to the municipality of Realmonte, marking a return to public management. The donation was commemorated with a plaque, and the mayor of Realmonte, Sabrina Lattuca, expressed gratitude to all involved, including legal counsel Giuseppe Scozzari and environmentalists. The mayor also mentioned plans to seek permission for public access to the site, despite its fragility. Additionally, there are efforts to officially nominate the Scala dei Turchi as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the support of Member of Parliament Giovanna Iacono.”

La Scala dei Turchi passa al Comune di Realmonte: la fine del contenzioso festeggiata con una targa che ricorda la donazione

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