La Pescheria di Catania, where the deepest Sicily finds its home

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The ancient fish market of Catania – “A piscaria” in dialect – is one of the most interesting attractions of the city, behind the Amenano fountain.
It is located in the heart of the city and can be accessed either from Porta Uzeda or from Piazza Duomo, directly if from the North.
The fish market of Catania is a journey through the traditions, history, customs and life of Sicilians.
In Piscaria it is something unique: a long serpentine of benches that begins outdoors, starting from the Amenano fountain, continues indoors, passing through the tunnel under the Palazzo del Seminario dei Clierici.
The fish market wakes up at 5 and falls asleep right after lunchtime, when the last of the fishermen take down the counters and wash the sidewalk.

The screams – the vanniate – of the fishermen are a real journey into the deepest Sicily, as well as the colors, from the red of the tuna, the orange of the crustaceans, the black of the cuttlefish.
The fish market of Catania is a real world apart where it seems to relive the pages of “I Malavoglia” by Verga even we are not in Aci Trezza.


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