La Paglia when he said he was “proud of being inadequate” – Messina Oggi

The suspension hinted that the “management” of the ASP of Messina left much to be desired, but what emerged today thanks to the exclusive published by “Gazzetta del Sud”, which contains some passages from the report of the Commission of Inquiry, is truly perplexing .

Paolo La Paglia, also in the city newspaper, a few months ago after the Uil of Messina (the mayor De Luca only started after his “political battle), had targeted the manager by denouncing his inadequacy, he replied to the interviewer who was proud of his inadequacy. Now, gruesome details emerge from this very sad story, taking into account the high bill in terms of human lives paid by the city.

The ASP manager was not only inadequate for the role because of his not too managerial management “skills” – from what emerges from the papers -, but he was also an incurable and even more irresponsible optimist. La Paglia had found “political asylum” on a local TV, kindly granted by the management, and during his live Skype shows he showed a certain arrogance that now clashes with the papers that nail him. The councilor for health, Ruggero Razza, never yielded to the instrumental pressure of the mayor Cateno De Luca, who had found the target to hit during the dramatic second wave. Razza followed the procedure and once all the opinions had been acquired, it proceeded to suspend the same La Paglia. Suspension that will now be taken for granted, followed by dismissal: an event that has never happened before in Messina and perhaps in Sicily.

And Paglia said he was “proud of being inadequate”, compared to the accusations made by Ivan Tripodi and Pippo Calapai of Uil….


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