La Filca Cisl: “The meeting at the ministry is decisive for the future of Cmc workers”

“We hope that in the meeting at the ministry, scheduled for next August 5 with the minister, the company and the trade unions, to discuss the Cmc affair, a solution will immediately be found that protects the future employment of workers or we will mobilize because it is no longer acceptable that the parties involved and the institutions continue to turn a deaf ear to our repeated appeals ». The regional secretary of the Filca Cisl, Paolo D’Anca, the regent secretary of the Filca Cisl Catania, Giuseppe Famiano, and Domenico Murabito, who, since early June, have raised the alarm, expressing “strong concern about the difficult financial situation of Cmc and the serious repercussions on the future employment of hundreds of workers, already suffering from the interminable period of layoffs due to company crisis and who now risk the exhaustion of social safety nets as early as September ».

For the trade unionists, “in addition to the fate of the workers, whose jobs are seriously at risk, we are concerned about the blocking of two major works that are fundamental for the Catania area, namely the two lots under construction of the Catania underground, which we risk being yet another unfinished works, with serious consequences on the prospect of revitalization and development of our territory. The elections are approaching – they continue – and we hope that the financial and economic recovery of Cmc will be a priority, and that the spotlight on this matter will be kept on until a solution is found that avoids the very serious economic and social consequences for the whole Etna territory and for the whole of Sicily. We regret not having registered the same sensitivity for companies and subcontractors, which in recent years have been led to bankruptcy for their involvement in these works and perhaps, if they had taken steps to change the client, today the works would be safe ” .

The union representatives add: «We look forward to the meeting on August 5, promoted by Mise, to find out what the fate and future of the company will be. The concrete risk of default of this Italian giant could in fact trigger an unprecedented crisis linked to the loss of hundreds of jobs in addition to the repercussions on the many companies that orbit within these contracts, with serious consequences on economic sustainability as well as the risk serious about paralyzing the entire project on metropolitan mobility, where so much has been invested. The Filca Cisl of Catania – they conclude – in addition to the requests already made by the national and regional secretariats, asks for guarantees and certainties for the safeguarding of employment levels, for working continuity and for the guarantee that such important infrastructural works do not become the umpteenth unfinished and we will always be present, invoking urgent discussions with the prefect and with the interested parties, until we have certainties ».

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