L. Orlando, Anci Sicilia remembers sacrifice Impastato PALERMO

PALERMO, 09 MAY “Anci Sicilia, promoting and sharing the commitment of all Sicilian municipalities, remembers the sacrifice of Peppino Impastato, a courageous young man who in a time and in a difficult and difficult context denounced the mafia bosses, their system, their infiltration into institutions and the mafia subculture that fueled fear and indifference “. This was written by the mayor of Palermo, president of Anci Sicilia Leoluca Orlando, on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of the killing in Cinisi of the Dp militant, torn with a charge of TNT by the mafia who staged a fake attack.
“The human and cultural experience of Peppino Impastato underlines Orlando is an invitation to everyone and mainly to young people to reject Mafia criminal conditioning and to recover the value of human dignity and freedom without ever giving in to resignation”. (HANDLE).

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