KSM union lawsuit: “600 Palermo families await salaries, tragedy”

The failure to pay salaries for employees of the Ksm security company “has unfortunately been a rule that has been going on for years”: this was reported by Filcams Cgil Palermo, which has opened the mandatory cooling-off and conciliation procedure and written to the contracting authorities. “The irregular payment of wages by the security institute has become an ancestral problem, which every month weighs on the family economy of Ksm employees. An unsustainable situation, which seems to also affect workers in other provinces,” say Filcams Cgil Palermo general secretary Giuseppe Aiello and sector manager Manlio Mandalari. Despite the holiday period having passed, and various communications having been sent by Filcams Palermo to prompt payment for the month of July, Ksm has not yet made the regular payment of wages. Consequently, employees, together with their families, were unable to enjoy their period of rest calmly. Noticing the “deafening silence” from the company despite various reminders, on 16 August, Filcams ordered the company to immediately pay wages to all employees working in the area, “regardless of the service or role performed or the contract for which they guarantee and carry out their daily work with dedication and competence.” “It is absolutely unheard of for workers not to have certainty about the payment of their salaries – underline Giuseppe Aiello and Manlio Mandalari. Unfortunately, contractual violations have been ongoing for some time. A communication was already sent at the beginning of August denouncing the contractual violation for the failure to adjust the remuneration of the month of June and the 14th monthly salary, as the economic increases provided in the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement of 30 May were not paid out.” The issue of the irregular payment of salaries by Ksm has become a social problem for Filcams Cgil, as it affects approximately 600 families in Sicily. “A social tragedy, even worse – add Filcams secretaries Aiello and Mandalari – in a moment of acute economic crisis, with inflation skyrocketing, energy price increases, rising consumer prices, and increasing interest rates on variable-rate mortgages, the direct consequence of which is essentially the loss of purchasing power of salaries, which already burdens Ksm employees due to repeated delays.”

Vertenza Ksm, la Cgil: «Dramma per 600 famiglie di Palermo in attesa degli stipendi»

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