Killed with bolts: three arrested, two are minors

(ANSA) – VITTORIA, 02 JAN – The three alleged perpetrators of the murder of Slimane Marouene, the 30-year-old Tunisian killed with bolts at dawn on New Year’s Eve, were arrested by the police during the night, as he was leaving the “La Dolce Vita” disco of Vittoria, in the Ragusa area. They are two minors and an adult (who turned 18 only a few months ago).

Two iron bars and a switchblade used in the attack were found in the latter’s car.

The three young men were also identified thanks to some testimonies, then the discovery of the weapons made it possible to close the circle of investigations. They were taken to the barracks and interrogated by the deputy prosecutor Silvia Giarrizzo, who coordinated the investigation; in the end the older boy admitted his responsibilities.

The crime took place around 4.30 in the morning, at the end of a party to toast the new year. “La Dolce Vita” is a regular meeting place for immigrants who work in the greenhouses of the vast agricultural area between Vittoria, Acate and Santa Croce Camerina. The attack would have been caused by a few too many sentences that the victim would have addressed to a Romanian girl. Hence the reaction of the three who killed him and who are now in prison in Ragusa. The Tunisian and Romanian communities are the most numerous in the area and relations have always been very tense and characterized by strong conflict. .