Killed his wife, prosecutor asks for a life sentence

The Palermo prosecutor has asked for a life sentence for Salvatore Baglione, accused of the stabbing murder of his wife Piera Napoli, a young neo-melodic singer, which took place on February 7 last year.

The man gave himself up to the carabinieri and confessed.

According to the prosecutor, the accused was lucid and allegedly killed his wife while she was in the bathroom, in their house in via Vanvitelli, in the Cruillas neighborhood. The indictment of Baglione’s defense is expected tomorrow.

Immediately after the crime, her husband had cleaned himself up, had also washed the knife, and had also taken care to remove the children, so that they would not be present. Baglione took the time to post a phrase about “respect” on Facebook accompanied by a photo of Robert De Niro. .