Killed closely, sentenced to two years

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The Gup of Catania has sentenced Georgeta Colesnicenco, the former Romanian model accused of the murder of the Colombian Sandra Garcia Rios, to Catania at the height of a condominium dispute on February 3, 2021 in a building in Viale Mario Rapisardi.

The Gup ordered his release of the woman, who was locked up in the Agrigento prison, and applied her probation for a year.
This was announced by his lawyer, Pietro Ivan Maravigna.
“The serene sentence of the Gup, which accepted the hypothesis put forward in the alternative by the defense, which in the first place had obviously asked for full acquittal – says the lawyer – prevented that in addition to poor Mrs.
Rios there was another victim in this story, Mrs.
Giorgia Colesnicenco “.

“The procedural facts have established that Colesnicenco was savagely attacked inside her home and her legitimate right to defend herself was recognized.
For the judge there was ‘a culpable excess’ in this legitimate defense, from which the sentence of two years, paradoxically almost all already served due to the anomaly, all Italian, of the legislation on preventive detention whose life is now due failure to reach the quorum in the recent referendums “.

“In these conditions, faced with a sentence already served in custody – concludes the lawyer – the appeal would even appear superfluous if it were not yet present, for the sake of Truth and Justice, the need to definitively demonstrate that the conduct held by Mrs.
Colesnicenco was a conduct that, unfortunately, had no alternatives ”.

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