Killed by her son: Pm Catania asks for a 15-year-old trial

(ANSA) – CATANIA, 03 JAN – The prosecutor’s office for minors of Catania has requested the indictment of the 15-year-old who confessed to the murder of his mother, Valentina Giunta, 32, murdered in her home on 25 July 2022.

The hearing will be held on January 23 in front of the Gup Rosalia Castrogiovanni. At that time, the boy’s lawyer will be able to request access to the abbreviated procedure. The victim’s family is the injured party, assisted by the lawyer Salvo Cannata.

The minor had confessed to the crime during a long and painful interrogation before the magistrate of the Juvenile Court, Maria Agata Russo, during the hearing for the validation of his arrest for voluntary homicide, carried out the day after the crime by the mobile squad of the Police Headquarters who investigated the case. The magistrate, accepting the request of the prosecutor Carla Santocono, had issued a precautionary order. The evidence against the 15-year-old had emerged from the police investigations, which reconstructed how the murder “had occurred in the family environment”, the prosecutor had underlined. According to the indictment, the 15-year-old would not have accepted his mother’s decision to leave the house and move away with his younger brother away from their neighborhood, San Cristoforo, and from the family of the woman’s ex-partner.

“The magistrate’s order – highlighted the prosecutor Santocono after the validation of the detention – crystallizes the reconstruction of the material conduct of the young man who in recent months lived with his paternal grandmother having determined to leave his mother’s house despite the fact that she had maintained an attitude protective of his son, in the face of hostility fueled by his father’s family, detained for some time for serious crimes, even against the person”. .