Kidnapping for extortion in Palma di Montechiaro, 5 on trial

Five people have been sent to trial for the charge of kidnapping for extortion. They intercepted a car carrying a Romanian woman, her boyfriend, and a friend, hitting the door with a blunt object and forcing them to stop in a dead-end street. They threatened them with a gun, kidnapped the woman, beat her, and tried to force her to call her boyfriend using the gun as a threat. They eventually left her at a gas station with the threat of serious consequences if she called the police. The alleged perpetrators, aged 43 to 55, have been identified and will face trial as requested by the public prosecutor. The kidnapping was allegedly a retaliation for a theft at a betting center. Both the woman and her boyfriend reported the incident to the police and identified the defendants from photo albums. The trial is scheduled for January 16th, and the defendants have not been subject to any precautionary measures.

Sequestro a scopo di estorsione a Palma di Montechiaro, 5 a processo

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