just a contagion in the province

Editorial Staff 06 September 2021 18:02

There are 943 new cases of Coronavirus ascertained on the island, which therefore returns to below one thousand, indicated in the latest bulletin released by the Ministry of Health to monitor the progress of the virus in Italy. Eighty-one less than yesterday when it was 1,024. The positivity rate, on the basis of the 12,804 processed swabs, went from 7.2 to 7.4%. Another ten dead and 444 healed / discharged. There are 855 hospitalizations in Covid areas ( 10 compared to the previous day when they were 845). There are currently 120 patients in intensive care, with six new entrants). The number of current positives rises to 28,951 ( 489) while that of subjects in home isolation stands at 27,976. This is the distribution of cases province by province: Palermo 179, Catania 261, Messina 249, Syracuse 80, Trapani 53, Ragusa 37, Caltanissetta 46, Agrigento 1 and Enna 37. Coronavirus, the bulletin from Italy New cases: 3,361
Currently positive: 136,020
Deaths: 52 (total 129,567)
Discharged / Healed: 4,309,200
Hospitalized with symptoms: 4,302
Hospitalized in ICU: 570
Admissions of the day in ICU: 32
Swabs: 134.393
Total cases: 4,574,787
Vaccinated: 38,699,389 people equal to 71.65% of the population over 12 years old. Yesterday 217 thousand doses were administered, of which 53 thousand first administrations. The vaccination campaign has involved to date 30 August 2021: 92% of the over 80, 88% of the seventy-year-olds, and 83% of the sixty-year-olds, 76% of the fifties, 67% of the forties, 60% of the thirty-year-olds and the 61% of 20-year-olds and 37% of adolescents fully vaccinated with a double or single dose of JJ. The updated vaccine report on the Government website.

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