Judge Livatino blessed. Messina also celebrates it with a special canvas

“To do well and with joy what we are called for every day: this is holiness”. On the day when Angelo Rosario Livatino was proclaimed blessed, Messina also wanted to cling to the joy of the Messina Church celebrating “an extraordinarily ordinary man capable of betting everything on his baptism”: with these words Don Giuseppe Di Stefano unveiled and blessed this morning a canvas depicting the boy judge, which from today will be exhibited for the veneration of the faithful in the “Madonna delle Lacrime” church in the village of Padre Annibale di Bordonaro.

The work, created by the contemporary Ukrainian painter Yuriy Kuku, bears the expression “Sub Guardia Dei” at the bottom, which became the life motto of the magistrate from Agrigento, killed by the mafia “in hatred of the faith” on 21 September 1990. He was a man like many others, who lived in a city full of lights but also of many shadows, who knew how to combine commitment, work and faith with the awareness that one cannot live except “under the gaze of God”, said the priest. recognizing him the courage to “challenge the logic of compromise, of enslavement, which makes every man a prisoner by choosing for this, to take the way of the Cross”. Martyr for justice: Don Di Stefano, recalling the expression of John Paul II in the meeting with his parents on May 9, 1993, reiterated that “Livatino was not beatified because he was a martyr, but because he made his life a martyrdom, concrete testimony of the promotion of man in his integrity “.

At the end of the celebration, the prayer to the blessed was recited, composed by the priest inspired by the message of the Sicilian Bishops.

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