JSL Women Brolo ready to experience the new competitive season

Editorial Staff 06 September 2021 12:11

The JSL Women is projected to the 2021-22 football season, which will see her at the starting line of the regional championship of excellence in women’s football. Immediately after having played, in Santa Teresa di Riva, the prestigious playoff final against Catania, the management laid the foundations for the future, confirming the coach Marco Palmeri and most of the staff, creators of the exciting sport ride. The declared goal is to form a young and quality group, but which already has a fair amount of experience. The focus was therefore on the best Sicilian profiles and also from beyond the Strait, creating a boarding school that allows players, especially minors, to experience the black-green reality on a daily basis. At the entrance there are several athletes, who will reinforce the squad of both the senior team, especially after the departures of Sofia Di Benedetto and Valentina Minciullo, passed respectively to Sassuolo and Palermo, and of the Under 15 and 17 formations. Some important negotiations will be defined in the coming days and many news will soon be made official and presented. The start of training is set for Tuesday 14 September in the municipal stadium of Brolo. “JSL had a fantastic experience in the first year of women’s football – says Palmeri – and all the protagonists have left an indelible mark in the history of the club and, as far as I’m concerned, I will reserve a special place for every girl in my drawer of memories “. A new season begins, what will change? “We want to strengthen the“ green line ”and we have made choices in perspective to raise the bar more and more. The premises are positive, but, as always, the field will give the answers ”.

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