Joe Barone, Fiorentina manager, dies at 57. Born in Pozzallo.

The article talks about the death of Joe Barone, the general manager of Fiorentina football club. Barone passed away in Milan following a serious illness he suffered on Sunday. The article highlights Barone’s dedication to football throughout his life, from his early days with Cosmos to his time at Fiorentina. It also mentions his close relationship with Rocco Commisso, the owner of Fiorentina, who appointed Barone as the new general manager of the club. The article also provides background information about Barone’s career in banking and finance, as well as his role in saving the New York Cosmos from bankruptcy. Furthermore, it mentions Barone’s family, including his wife and four children. The article closes with a statement from the mayor of Pozzallo, where Barone was originally from, expressing condolences and praising Barone for his values and contributions to the community.

Joe Barone non ce l’ha fatta, muore a 57 anni il manager della Fiorentina. Era nato a Pozzallo

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