Job vacancy in Monterosso Almo: Seeking ex with a chainsaw on the streets

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A determined stalker. In order to take revenge, he didn’t hesitate to equip himself with a chainsaw and roam the small town of Monterosso Almo, in search of people to “attack”. The protagonist of this news story is a 68-year-old man from Catania, with a criminal record. The carabinieri from the Monterosso Almo station have notified him of the arrest warrant following repeated violations of the residence ban.

The man is currently in prison in Ragusa. Yesterday morning, he was escorted there by the carabinieri from the Monterosso Almo station, due to the aggravation of the residence ban in the Monterosso district issued by the Tribunale ibleo for repeated threats and attacks against his ex-partner and some of her family members. The most intense persecutory acts have been going on since last February. The frequent arguments between the man and the woman, who were also neighbors, were more related to family interests than sentimental issues. Their relationship had deteriorated for some time.

In the latest episode, the man, guilty of repeatedly violating the order to stay away from his ex-partner imposed by the court, was caught by the carabinieri while in a fit of anger towards the woman, wandering the streets of the town armed with a chainsaw.

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Vaga per le strade di Monterosso Almo con la motosega in cerca della ex

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